The Fire-Fli
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If you fly a hang glider in areas with airplane, sailplane, ultralight, other hang glider traffic, or fly cross country, it is important that you be seen by this traffic. The Fire-Fli can help.

Fire-Fli Fire-Fli on trailing lower rigging
Fire-Fil on upper nose wire Fire-Fli on kingpost
How it Works

The Fire-Fli is extremely lightweight and induces little to no drag. It is highly reflective and comes with a pre-tied leash made of solid braid, high strength, long lasting, abrasion and rot resistant nylon line. It is maintenance free, requires no batteries and is completely weather proof. Simply attach the Fire-Fli to the top of your kingpost, forward upper nose wire, or aft keel wire before you fly. In the case of a topless glider, a trailing lower rigging wire will work well. In flight the Fire-Fli trails in the airtstream brightly reflecting any light that strikes it producing a quick, bright flash much like an electronic strobe.

While using a Fire-Fli will not guarantee you will be seen by another pilot, it will aid in your ability to be seen.

Only $3.95 plus $3.85 for 2 to 3-Day Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. with free shipping offered on orders of 5 or more. Shipping by means other than Priority Mail by request only. Sorry, no foreign orders accepted.

Orders are accpted via e-mail at

Supplies are limited so order yours today.