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Product Catalog
Blue Moon Woodcrafts
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Here is a list of some of the products we currently provide: 

Telescope Eyepiece Cases 
Night Lights
Jewelry Boxes
Music Boxes
. . . and many more items yet to come.  Check back often for updates.

NLT0805A - Night Light - $70.00
Face Plate
A unique night light guaranteed to provide a warm glow of comfort in any darkened room.  The light measures 8"l x 5"w x 9.5"h, comes complete with a 6' cord and in-line switch, and uses a supplied 4w bulb.  The bulb is accessed and easily replaced from underneath.  It is completed in a semi-gloss finish.

MEM0212A - Memo Holder - $35.00
A very useful device for keeping memos, notes, bills, shopping lists, etc. easily accessible and in sight.  This memo holder comes stained and completed in a semi-gloss finish and easily mounts to any flat wall surface with a hidden dovetailed bracket.  Simply mount the bracket to the wall then slide the memo holder over the bracket.  The holder is wide enough to handle an typical 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper and will hold multiple pieces at one time.


MIR0505A - Vanity Mirror - $40.00
Here's a really nice hand-held mirror that any woman would love to have on her dresser top or vanity. It encircles a 5" mirror with scalloped beveled edges and features a carved back in either a heart or floral motif. The one in the center pictured here is made to be held in your left hand (left-handed model). Specify right-handed or left-handed when ordering.

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Telescope Eyepiece Storage Cases
Custom made to your specs and size with choices of handles, lid supports, feet, lining and colors - prices start at $125.00.  Call us or click on the link below to send us your specs and we will respond within 24 hours with a free quote.

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